Friday, July 15, 2011

Sad Endings

      Today was the last day of my level 2 workshop and I must admit that I am a bit sad. The last few weeks I have been so caught up in the intensity that is Bill Bernhardt's writing workshop. I didn't realize how fast it was flying by. Now it is over. I already miss it. We had a farewell lunch today and I will admit to feeling a little teary eyed as I told Bill goodbye. He really is such a fabulous person. It is very apparent that he loves teaching new writers all of his hard learned tricks. My book is much more polished and will only continue to get more so as I apply what I learned to the rest of it. Thank you, Bill.
      I now have a fabulous synopsis, an incredible query, and most of the important parts of my book are finished. So close to being finished, yet so much work left to do. I even have an outline for a completely different book.

      My friend, Erin, stayed with me during the entire workshop this week. It was fabulous having someone to bounce ideas off of and have read my work before I submitted it to Bill each night. I am truly going to miss having her here. Thanks, Erin, for being so awesome.
      The sense of family I have for these wonderful people with whom I have spent such an intense week of baring my soul is amazing. I am truly going to miss them all. I am glad they will be only an email or phone call away.

      I am super excited to use all the ideas from this workshop even more on my book. What a blessing that I was in the right place and the right time and met Bill. God truly has blessed me in my life!

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