Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dear Distractions

Dear distractions,

You know who you are.

That excellent book I want so badly to finish reading.
That scrapbook my inner artist craves to work on.
That PTA event that needs volunteers.
That mommy group that needs its organizer.
Those friends I love to hang out with.
My child who only needs me to come save the world when I have gone into my office to write.
My dear husband who likes to come into the office and flick my ear or muss my hair when he thinks I need a 'break' from my writing.

I love you all, dearly. However, I have a goal to get this book sent to my trusted circle to be critiqued by the first of October.

In exactly four weeks.

So since this is my birth month, would you let my birthday present be uninterrupted time to write and finish?! Thanks so much. I would appreciate it.


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