Tuesday, January 31, 2012

OWFI Low Contest Entries

I looked on the OWFI facebook page today and noticed a post about categories in the annual contest that are low. Each category must have 10 entries to be judged. The category I entered is on this list!!!! If you have something written, please submit by tomorrow. Please!

Your entry could be the one that puts one of these categories over the 'hump'!!!

Go to www.owfi.org for entry rule! Below are the contests that need more entries:

#5, Western Novel

#6, SF/Fantasy/Horror Novel

#7, Nonfiction Book

#9, Middle-Grade Book

#22, Script

#23, Technical/How-To Article

#25, Western Article

#28, Confession Story

We need ten entries for each category to be judged. All these categories are close to the

minimum number. 


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