There I was sitting in our workroom, cranking out another large order of name badges for my business, Award Solutions, when I noticed the little light on my cell phone blinking. Now I don't know about you, but when I am busy my cell phone can be forgotten for hours.

And so it was no different today. Imagine my surprise and thrill when I opened up a message from fellow blogger and "What If?" Fairytale Blogfest co-host and judge for the tragedy category of the challenge, Leigh Covington, left me a message on my Facebook page to tell me that I had won for my entry in the tragedy category.

How cool is that!!!

If you missed my entry, you can read it HERE.

If you missed the list of winners for the different categories, check them out on Leigh's blog HERE.

Now I am going to go do a happy dance and then crank out the medal order due this week.

Thanks to Leigh, Morgan, Cassie Mae, and Mark for an awesome blog challenge!


Aldrea Alien said…
Yeah! I loved your entry. ^_^ Congratulations!
Elise Fallson said…
Congratulations! You earned it, your entry was soooo good!! :)
Leigh Covington said…
Whoot-whoot! Congrats again Sabrina! You did a fabulous job!
Sabrina A. Fish said…
Thanks, lady! Glad you enjoyed it.
Sabrina A. Fish said…
Thanks again for choosing my entry! This is my first time to win 1st with anything of my writing.
C.M.Brown said…
Congratulations Sabrina! Great entry, enjoy your prize!
Anonymous said…
Sorry I'm late, but congrats! :)

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