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My writer buddy, Erin York, and I met the other day for dinner and of course had to open up the laptops and talk about our current WIPs. I'm not sure who(probably her as I'm known for being a bit oblivious *grin*), but one of us noticed that all 3 of my current writing projects have MC's with 'R' names.

We found it so funny, that we decided we needed to do something to immortalize this inclination of mine. So, I decided to dub my followers and fans:

I don't know about you, but this totally cracks me up. Especially as I spent the early years of my 20s in the Oklahoma Army National Guard.

This got me to thinking about other fan community names. For example: Steve Berry calls his fans "Malone's Clones", our own Alex J. Cavanaugh calls his fans "Alex's Ninja Army", and then there are Star Trek fans, who prefer the term "Trekker" over "Trekkie", just to name a few off the top of my head.

What do you think, bloggy friends? Are we just two writing nerds loving our own silly ideas or does this strike you as genius an idea as it did us? What do you call your followers and fans?

Thanks for visiting and being such a fabulous member of my 'R'my!

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Elise Fallson said…
Haha! Love being part of your R'my. I don't have a nickname I call my blogging buddies, but in a way I do refer to them as worker bees....(;
Samantha May said…
Yay! I love being part of your R'my. I don't have a nickname for my blogging friends...but maybe I'll come up with one now :D
Sabrina A. Fish said…
I love having you in my R'my, Elise! It just wouldn't be as fun without you. And I'll gladly call myself one of your worker bees!
Sabrina A. Fish said…
You can do it! I look forward to reading about what you come up with!
michelle said…
Mmmm... something to think about.
My followers would probably be "fellow travellers" or something along those lines, since my blog is writer-in-transit and I always talk about writing being a never-ending-journey...

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