Sunday, January 27, 2013

Peep Show of The Severing

Last week was a bit hectic in my little slice of the world, and I totally forgot about my blog. *sheepish-grin*

My bloggy friends will understand, so I don't feel too guilty about this oversight. Thanks to funny writer and bloggy friend, Heather over at Minivan Momma for tagging me for the Peep Show Challenge and reminding me that I have been bloggy negligent.

The Challenge: Go to page 77 of your own book or manuscript, count down 7 lines and then list the 7 lines that follow. Then pass the challenge on to some writer buddies to do the same. My 7 lines happen to be a bit of dialogue, which I think is probably just going to be confusing, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

Excerpt From The Severing by Sabrina A. Fish

     “The Light has indeed blessed this world,” the old woman stated, her face as still as a lake on a windless day.
     Jakys leaned toward the crystal. “What news of our high queen? Is she found? Is she safe?”
     One delicate eyebrow lifted. “She is found. I rescued her from the slave market in Nevia.”
      “Thank the Light,” Jakys sighed and relaxed back into his chair as plans for a new future for Azerea and the Lytlingum filled his head. “Train her well. Queen Damaris will not welcome her when she announces her presence to her people.”
     “It is power Damaris wants not to lose. She is not the first queen to be defeated by this fear.” Zira said, a far away look in her ancient eyes. Jakys let the silence lengthen as he studied the beautiful older woman’s sad smile, wondering which queen she remembered from her past.

It's a couple lines longer than 7, but it seemed the best place to cut off. Those that I'm passing this challenge on to are: Ashley Nixon, Darci Cole, Angela Christina Archer, & Melanie Sokol
However, if you'd like to participate, go ahead! Then let me know, so I can read your 7 lines!


Jeremy Bates said...

We all seem to become slack on our blogs at one tme or another. If one feels guilty about it, then it becomes no fun, right?

besides, as John Lennon once said, "Life is what happpens when you're busy making other plans."

Cheers and hang in there!

Morgan said...

Oooo... Fun excerpt, Sabrina! Sounds like you've done some awesome world-building. And breaks are healthy! :D You are fabulous, girl.

Melanie Sokol said...

And done: