Patience: The virtue God overlooked when He made me

Patience: The virtue God overlooked when He made me. Okay, Okay, so that isn't the technical definition. The definition of patience as a virtue is actually someone who endures discomfort without complaint.

I'm, by nature, an extremely impatient person. Writing is, by nature, a very long process. Me being who I am, you'd think I'd have difficulty finishing a project from sheer frustration with how long it takes. So you can imagine my surprise that it's been almost 3 years of working on the same WIP and I haven't thrown in the towel or even wanted to. Does this mean I didn't complain? Um, yeah, well I did say it wasn't one of MY many virtues, didn't I? *grin* Despite the complaining, I LOVE writing. However, I am currently in the submission process.

Did I mention that I'm not a patient person?

Most days, my job, a new writing project, or my 6 year old keeps me from thinking about the submissions. Today is not one of those days. If climbing the walls were really possible...

How about you? Are you waiting to hear back on one of your projects? Is the waiting driving you crazy? Do your walls have the common courtesy to have hand and foot holds?


Margo Kelly said…
LOVE THIS POST! Seriously. I thought I was the most impatient person on earth (just ask my kids) - - so why in the world did I ever start writing? The thing is: I love writing. I love the thrill of beginning a new project, I love the challenge of revising it, and I love the thrill when someone reads it. However, the submission process is torture. The only thing I can do is distract myself with the next writing project. And chocolate. :)
Susan Francino said…
Lol, cute pictures! Good luck waiting. :) I'm currently having to practice a different kind of patience--enduring the discomfort of refusing to submit something before it's ready. (To answer one of your questions: yes, it's driving me a little bit crazy. There are good days and bad days and I've discovered I just have to focus on the writing and then I'm fine.)
Samantha May said…
Your pictures are great :D

I'm not very patient either, but I have a lot of patience with writing for some reason. I guess it's just part of it :)
Elise Fallson said…
I hear you hon, I'm pretty impatient too. Good luck however with your submissions, I really hope you get good news soon. Hang tight!
Patience comes easy for me... Procrastination is my problem. Would that be "one who enjoys the discomfort of unfinished projects more than the pain of doing the work to finish them?" Or maybe it's the fear of rejection keeping me from getting to the point of having anything to submit? Or I'm so CDO (OCD alphabetized) that nothing I write is ever good enough in-my-humble-opinion to bother finishing. Wow. If making up stories was as easy as making excuses I'd be finished with one of my WIPs in no time!

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