Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cover Reveal: DREAMTHIEF by Tamara Grantham


DREAMTHIEF by Tamara Grantham

We are pleased to reveal the official cover for Dreamthief by Tamara Grantham. This book is amazing on the inside and now the outside is just as awesome! We can't wait to hear what you think of the cover. Make sure to leave a comment and let us know your thoughts. 

RELEASE DATE: September 1, 2015
GENRE: Fantasy Romance
SERIES: Fairy World MD
PUBLISHER: Crimson Tree Publishing


Visiting Faythander, a fairy world, is a nasty business. Forget the fairies and unicorns, most people come back with lost memories and mental problems. Olive Kennedy knows. She's the therapist who treats patients suffering from Faythander's side effects. She may have an emotionless mother and an apathetic boyfriend, but she takes pride in her job. She's never failed to cure a client—until now.

Traveling back to Faythander wasn't on Olive's to-do list. But she has no choice. The fate of both Earth and Fairy depends on her ability to stop an evil being called the Dreamthief. Saving the world, she can handle. Falling in love—not so much. Now, she'll have to decide between her heart and the future of an entire planet. As if battling the forces of evil wasn't complicated enough…

Dreamthief is the first book in the Fairy World MD series. 

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Tamara Grantham was born and raised in Southeast Texas. She comes from a family of writers. She took her first writing class from her uncle Larry Franklin, who worked as an author and literary agent at the time. At the age of fifteen, she received her first acceptance letter. Her uncle wrote, “Thank you for letting me read your short story, The Quest for the Spear. I enjoyed it very much, and see that you have a talent that can be developed.” In his Writing Fiction class, he challenged each of his students (which consisted of her two sisters and cousins) to write a novel. The challenge seemed daunting at the time, so daunting that she didn’t do it.

Despite her uncle’s praise, writing was not a part of her life until the age of 28, after she was married with three small children. She read a book called Princess of the Midnight Ball by Jessica Day George. While she loved the novel, the thought occurred to her that she, too, had characters and stories in her head that were just as creative.

The standing challenge from her uncle, made fourteen years earlier, finally became a reality. She wrote her first novel in one month. After that, she wrote five more books and several short stories and novellas. In 2013, she signed her first contract with former writing mentor, and New York Times-bestselling author, William Bernhardt, to contribute to his Shine series. The novellas are about young girls with unusual abilities. In November 2014, almost four years to the day that she finished her first book, she signed with Crimson Tree Publishing (the adult imprint of Clean Teen Publishing) for her novel Dreamthief.

While she’s not writing, and sometimes while she is, she raises four (soon to be five!) beautiful children, ages one to ten. She lives in Galveston, Texas with her husband and kids, one cat and one dog. Her husband David is her biggest support. For the past ten years he has been in training to become a surgeon. She frequently picks his brain for the sake of her stories, a habit she hopes he’ll forgive.



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Author Fair Fun!

So excited for the Read Local Author Fair 2014 in Stillwater next weekend. If you're nearby or feel like an impromptu road trip, I'll hope you'll come see me. I'll have print copies of both Lost Haven and Road to Nowhere for sale. 

Remember, I'll mainly be blogging over at my website:, I'll try to post important event updates here, but anything else will be posted on my website only. I hope you'll come over and check it out. Don't forget to subscribe to my e-mail newsletter and/or leave a comment!!

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Blog Moved!

Hey bloggy friends,

Just a reminder that I'll now be blogging from my website:

Please join me there for new updates including my cover reveal and giveaway for my upcoming Shine novella, Road to Nowhere.

I hope to see you there!

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Change is just...Scary

Hello loyal followers! Thank you, as always for once again visiting my humble blog. I truly appreciate each and every one of you. Unfortunately, change is in the wind and it is with a heavy heart that I bid adieu to my time on Google Blogger.

With the publishing of my first novel, my rapidly growing trophy company, and need for directing traffic toward my website, I'll now be blogging exclusively from my webiste:

If you're interested in keeping up with me, please go to my website and visit the Blog tab.

I'll post Mondays as usual, but I'll also be adding Funny Friday posts.


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Monday, July 21, 2014

Buyer Beware

Over the last month, I've been experiencing a building allergic reaction. Like a potion or spell gone wrong(or is that right?), a small patch of itchy and very tiny little blisters will pop up, drive me crazy, then disappear a few hours later. I ignored it at first, determined to see it as nothing other than a freak rash. I really should know better. I need the antidote or counterspell, if you will.

You see, I'm allergic to formaldehyde.  Yeah, you read it correctly. This nasty substance, which puts any self respecting, evil witch's brew to shame and gives embalming fluid and fingernail polish it's nasty odor, builds up in my body over time until it's gained enough momentum to break my entire body out in a rash of tiny blisters that itch to no end. Weird, I know.

I've only broken out a total of 4 times over the whole of my 31 years. The 1st time was due to an everyday use of fingernail polish when I was a teen. I stopped coloring my nails and the outbreak went away. Over the years, I'll occasionally get a mani/pedi, but I'll be sure to give it at least six months between each time to keep an outbreak from occurring. I thought I was golden. (Apparently, that evil enchantress throwing hexes my way is much more determined than I thought.)

Willful ignorance (and not having a healthy respect for your local potions master) is not a good idea, folks.

The outbreaks are getting closer together, despite the fact that I hardly ever wear fingernail polish, the last two outbreaks occurring within the last 5 years. What has changed? I could no longer ignore the situation, nor give fingernail polish sole responsibility for my dilemma.

Did you know that formaldehyde is in, what seems like, EVERYTHING? Even though I'm allergic to it, I had no idea. I check labels and when I don't see the actual name 'fermaldahyde', I think I'm good. WRONG!

Sneaky sorceress, er, I mean, manufacturers use all kinds of synonyms and chemicals that 'act like' formaldehyde. Thanks to for this list of ingredients to look for and avoid:

*Formalin   *Methanal   *Oxymethyline   *Urea   *1,3-Dioxetane   *Quaternium 15   *Methylaldehyde
*Methylene Oxide   *Formic Aldehyde   *Oxomethane Formalin   *Phenol Formaldehyde

Now I'm off to check the products I'm currently using for the cult culprit responsible for this itchy reaction. And hopefully, I can prevent any future discomfort. *sigh*

Source: The Hidden Formaldehyde

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Anyone else ticked off an enchantress lately, as I apparently have? *grin* No? Do you have a weird allergy? Is your reaction instant or does it take time to build up, like mine? Do you like YA Fantasy with female protagonists? Have you read Lost Haven?

Monday, June 2, 2014

Self-Promotion is Important

As many of you know, my first published work, Lost Haven-A Shine Novella was published in March. Having prepared for this day, I had my self-promotion tools lined up and it did very well. What many of you may not know is that I own a trophy company with my hub. The month of May is what I like to refer to as our 'hell month' as it is end of school awards time. Unfortunately, with long sixteen hour plus days, I barely had time to eat much less keep up with my promotions. With constant deadlines, I barely thought of my debut novella. My numbers plummeted.

I knew self-promotion was important, but after this experience, I now realize it more than ever.

So, I'm going to share 3 promotion tips that I've found to be the most important.

1. Consistency- This one has been made painfully clear for me. You have to keep up a consistent effort to promote your work. It won't promote itself. You can't expect to promote for a short amount of time, then just stop and it'll keep being seen by new readers. You have to put in the time and hard work...and it will be lots of time and hard work.

2. Be Shameless- I don't mean spam, but you can't be afraid to share your work. If you're anything like me, you feel self-conscious when you talk about your work. I've had to figure out how to get over that...I'm still working on that one...and you must get over it also. If you don't tell people about your work, no one else is going to either. Your friends' posts include pictures of their kids, their political leanings, and even the annoying post about what they eat for every God loving meal. So why can't you share what you're doing?

3. Hone your craft while you self-promote- If you're a writer like me, write amazing blog posts, share snippets of your writing, participate in blog hops that bring people to you. If you're an artist, post samples of your work on Pinterest. If you're a musician, post samples of your music on YouTube. This will give people a taste of your voice, style, or sound and create interest that will bring them back for more.

And now for my shameless plug *grin*, Check out my debut novella, Lost Haven, on Amazon today in e-book or print version, coming soon to audio. And if you've already read it, please be sure to back and leave a review.

Monday, May 26, 2014

My 7 year old sounds like a teen...and it's my fault! Plus, Fallen Soldier Memorial Statue

I'm a light gamer. I say 'light' because I don't play all the time, I don't care about building a community of gamer friends, and I'm not obsessive about gaming. Most gamers probably wouldn't even consider me to be one of them. I use gaming as a place to go when I need an escape when I'm between good book series. I play Guild Wars 2 on the computer occasionally, I like Minecraft, and I love pulling out the old Playstation 2 to play Dark Cloud 2. I like playing PvZ: Garden Warfare on Xbox with my kiddo and Candy Crush and Doombad on my iPhone.

Like I said, 'light' gamer is definitely a good description for me.

My 7 year old, however, is well on his way to being a serious gamer. He already knows more than I do. Lately, his favorite thing is to watch videos on YouTube by his favorite little teenage gamers. He thinks these teenagers and their melodramatic antics as one of their characters is destroyed and must be respawned, is hilarious. It gets so bad that he'll end up bouncing up and down in excitement as the teenager yells out while his character is annihilated. It's quite the racket.

Still it's harmless, right?! I mean they are appealing to my son's maturity level without crossing any lines I don't like.

The other day, the hub was giving my son a lecture after the kiddo left half his lunch on his plate. You know the one: There are children all over the world who are starving and would love to have even a quarter of the food you get every meal.
The kiddo
The kiddo took this with a straight face. When his dad finally finished (the hub really likes to lecture :P hehehehe) the kiddo looked his dad in the eye, pushed his plate across the table, and said, "Then you take it to them."

I'm not going to lie, the hub and I sat their, slack jawed, amazed that this teenage comment came out of our 7 year old's mouth. The kiddo lifted his eyebrow and continued. "What? You didn't think I was that quick, cupcake?" This comment came complete with tick of his head from side to side on each syllable of cupcake.

I'm pretty sure I almost pee'd myself. Later that day, in the privacy of our room, the hub and I relived the moment and rolled with laughter. The lesson I've learned from this? There are consequences for any and all actions...even allowing your child to watch 'harmless' YouTube videos.

Are you a gamer? 'Light' like me? Serious? Has some decision you made had as dire consequences as my decision about YouTube.

Fallen Soldier Memorial Statue Donation

Have you checked out my debut novella, Lost Haven? If not, please consider doing so and supporting a great cause...For 1 week starting Memorial Day and ending the following Monday, OK Army Nat'l Guard Veteran and Oklahoma Author, Sabrina A. Fish, will be donating 5% of each copy(e-book or print) of Lost Haven sold toward the purchase of a Fallen Soldier Memorial Statue honoring 1LT Danon Leehan and SGT Michael Prince of the OK Army National Guard.