IWSG Wednesday: Doubts, Emotional Writing, and Has Your Writing Ever Taken You By Surprise?

All writers are insecure at various times throughout their writing journey and I'm definitely no different. So I've joined in on the Insecure Writers Support Group Blog Hop. The 1st Wednesday of each month I'll post about the insecurities I've been struggling with and/or conquered, and answer that month's IWSG question.

In July, I participated in the Camp NaNoWriMo Challenge and I FINISHED the 3rd book of The Gate Keeper Chronicles!! Woot!

However, it wasn't easy. Writing the end of a book is always bitter sweet. It's the point when I worry that I've written an entire book of utter rubbish, that I may not be able to tie things up in a satisfactory way, and that I didn't tie into the overarching series plot enough. So much unnecessary stress!

I also feel like I'm a SLOW writer, so the NaNoWriMo events are my way to propel myself over the finish line. Which they do, but now, in the first days after the challenge has been successfully conquered, I&…

Writing Battle Scenes is HARD! #amwriting #fantasyromance

This morning, I'm supposed to be working on the final battle scene in Diomere's Mercenary...


So I'm here instead, epically procrastinating by writing this blog. I mean, it needed to be done anyway, right? *sigh*

In fantasy, ordinary battle scenes are difficult because they need to be exciting, while also making sense. The writer needs to have some idea how fighting with whatever weapon is being used works. You don't want your readers to put your book down in disgust because you wrote a battle scene so unbelievable that they're left thinking you're an idiot writer. Or worse, have them be bored! It's an important balance, excitement and logic.

So when you take battle scene and add it to climax scene, the point when the shit hits the fan, things become even more tricky. You have to write an exciting and convincing battle scene while also bringing everything you've set up together so that it all leads to some kind of resolution. And since this book i…

International Digital Awards Contest is Open for Entries Indie Authors!

Hello Indie Author Friends, 
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Join Sabrina in a Christmas in July Fun Hop!

Who doesn't love Christmas?! Especially the receiving gifts part!! If that's you, then you're in for a treat this July! A bunch of bloggers have come together to offer all kinds of "reader friendly" gifts just for you. I'll be giving away:

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Sabrina's Christmas in July Fun Sabrina's Christmas in July Fun

And don't forget to visit the other bloggers participating in this hop via the linky list below! You don't want to miss out on any of these amazing "gifts"!

Camping: My Fave Type of Family Vacation...or Should I Say Glamping?

In a couple of days, during the hottest week we've had so far here in Oklahoma, I'm going to haul my family on a camping trip out to the lake where I spent many a summer in my childhood and I CANNOT WAIT! I'm talking tent camping, folks.

That's right. Community showers and toilets, food cooked on camp stoves or over the fire, and a thin fabric shelter to keep the wild life at bay for 5 days. And while all of that sounds over-the-top fun, it's the fact that my siblings and their families will be joining us! Squeeeeee!

If you've been following me for any length of time, you know that my siblings are one of my favorite parts of this crazy life I live. Each of us only 2 years apart of less, we are a loud, rowdy bunch with kids and spouses who fit right into our crazy.

My sister and two brothers, all younger than me, are the reason that siblings play such an important role in my books. They inspired Nadia's excitement when Arri arrived in Diomere's Exile and…

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Father's Day: My Fave Fictional Fathers

Is there anything sexier than a man who is a great dad? A man with children who's eyes light up when they see him. A man who will get down in the floor and play with his children for hours without complaint? A man who makes his children a priority, NOT an afterthought?

I don't think so either. I'm lucky enough to have married that sort of man. The bond my son has with his dad is special, silly, full of pranks, and unbreakable. Though I'm often the target of those pranks, it makes my heart so happy to hear my son's innocent laughter when they are putting something ornery together and don't think I can hear them.

So, it really shouldn't be any surprise that I also love reading about good fathers. So this post is going to highlight some of my favorite fictional daddys. If you haven't read the books they feature in, then you haven't been following me long, or you haven't been listening, because they come from a few of my favorite books/series.

#1: …