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OWFI Low Contest Entries

I looked on the OWFI facebook page today and noticed a post about categories in the annual contest that are low. Each category must have 10 entries to be judged. The category I entered is on this list!!!! If you have something written, please submit by tomorrow. Please!

Your entry could be the one that puts one of these categories over the 'hump'!!!

Go to for entry rule! Below are the contests that need more entries:

#5, Western Novel

#6, SF/Fantasy/Horror Novel

#7, Nonfiction Book

#9, Middle-Grade Book

#22, Script

#23, Technical/How-To Article

#25, Western Article

#28, Confession Story

We need ten entries for each category to be judged. All these categories are close to the

minimum number. 


New Photos

In looking to update photos of myself for my blog, website, and twitter accounts, I realized that I really don't have many good quality photos of just myself. I am usually the one behind the camera or when my husband pulls out the camera, my son is with me. When we have them done professionally, we only get family photos or individual photos of my son.

To remedy this, I asked my husband to take a couple of pictures of me to replace those fuzzy ones I was using. Though they aren't professional or enhanced with any sort of photoshop program, I like them. So I thought I'd share his efforts with my blog fans.

Thanks, babe. I love the pictures and you.

Conferences and Networking

With the approach of the annual Oklahoma writer's conference, I find myself remembering my first experience with it last year, how much I learned, and how much I've grown as a writer since then. 
Last year, it was about learning, meeting other writer friends, and becoming comfortable with thinking of myself as a 'real' writer. I didn't volunteer, I didn't try to stand out, and I wondered around big eyed when any well known author would speak to me casually. I hadn't started this blog, I didn't have a website, and the first draft of my book was only a quarter of the way written.
How things have changed!
This year, I am comfortable in my own 'writer-ness', *grin* I am the president of my writer's group, and my book will be ready to submit after a few more revisions. My blog is doing fabulous, my website is up and running, and I have an author profile on twitter as well as my profile on facebook. I want to be more involved. I want to pitch my b…

A Book, A Friend, and My Dreams

At my writer group meeting this last weekend, speaker and fellow member, Jean Stover, talked about christian writing. Several of our members did not come because they are not christian writers. Since I am not a christian writer either, I was certain Jean would not be speaking to me. I was so wrong. Jean did, in fact, speak to me when she asked the question, "What is your motivation for writing?" She then proceeded to give responses to this question from some big names in writing.

"No man but a blockhead ever wrote, except for money." -Samuel Johnson

"The only sensible ends of literature are, first, the pleasurable toil of writing; second, the gratification of one's family and friends; and lastly, the solid cash." -Nathaniel Hawthorne

Now, I realize that she was speaking about motivations for Christian writing, but this question and responses by these two well known authors, really made me think. Why do I write? Money? Pleasurable toil?(is there really su…

OWFI Contest Deadline

Only 9 days remain to get those entries submitted for the OWFI contest, my friends.
Don't forget to DOUBLE space, remove the name from your header, and include your 9X12 SASE. These are all things that get many disqualified.
Good Luck!

A Great Night To Be A Writer

2am and I am awake. In a few short hours, I will stand before my writing group as President for the first time. My mind is racing.

I am nervous.
Will they like the new ideas I have? Do they think I am too young for this position as the youngest ever President in the group's history? What if I forget something? What if I get up in front of them and just freeze?
The silence and shadows of the wee hours feed my fears, growing them into howling monsters inside my mind. The monsters chase me around in circles. Tossing and turning in my bed, I rise, looking for something to distract me. I need an escape. My feet pad across the cold tile floors with a soft swish. The office light switch flips on with a small fleck of my finger. My computer sits waiting on my desk. Its steady hum reassures me. I open the document for my current work in progress. 
My fears dissipate like smoke leaving a chimney stack. I have found solace. 
Soon an hour has passed, I have another revised scene, and my mind is no…

Praise the Lord!

In the year and four months since I began writing my first novel, I have learned much about the art of writing a novel, met fabulous writing friends and acquaintances, and learned a ton about myself. At some points, I felt as if I were climbing a sheer cliff without the appropriate climbing gear. At other points, I felt as if I were flying victoriously, all parts and parachutes perfectly in order and ready to go.

I don't want to forget to give credit where credit is due.

Though I have work still to do, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I feel like I might be getting the hang of this fabulous adventure that is writing a novel. The fine art of developing a character is becoming clearer, my story more defined, and my platform of confidence more solid under my feet.

Praise the Lord!

His Grace made me just hard headed enough to stick with this difficult adventure I have embarked on and I cannot thank my God enough. I cannot wait to see where He takes me as I finish revising…

My First Newsletter As President

I mailed my 1st official newsletter as President today. It took a lot of tedious work, but I am proud to say it belongs to my writing group. I hope my members feel the same.

The picture to the right was taken by my husband while I sealed, stamped, and labeled the newsletter in our living room. If I had known how long it would take, I would have dragged my friend and fellow officer, Angela Archer, over to my house to help. *grin*

I owe Ang many thanks for all of her help. The newsletter would not be as great as it is without her invaluable help. We now have a basic format for what we want and our newsletter chair will have an easy job of putting it together each month.

I am really enjoying getting everything together for my first meeting on the 21st. If you are a writer and are not yet in a writing group, come join us. You won't regret it, I promise!

My 1st Newsletter Article as President of OCWI

I thought I would share what I wrote for my writing group's newsletter with my blog followers. If you are also a writer, then I am talking to you. Perhaps you would be interested in joining us at OCWI. Email me or check out our website for more details.
January Newsletter-From The President
Cinderella’s blue ballgown shimmers in the sunlight as my family and I enter the gates of Disneyland. A glass slipper peaking from beneath her dress takes me back in time. I hear my mother’s voice introducing me to a world of fairy godmothers helping make dreams come true. The dashing Captain Jack Sparrow elicits recent adventures upon the decks of the Black Pearl with my 5 year old son, Aidan.
I have been to many theme parks across the United States, both in childhood and as an adult. Yet this first visit to a Disney theme park seemed so much more than my visits to Six Flags, Frontier City, or Sea World. Why? What is so special about Disneyland? Why did I feel as if this…