Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Welcome To My 1st Blog Post!

   I am a writer and aspiring author, but I have only been on this journey for about 8 months. I discovered at a writing conference recently that 8 months is, in fact, a very short time to be pursuing this dream. Since highschool, I have thought that being an author would be a something I would enjoy, but my own self-defeating voice would always brush that aside as unrealistic. So I continued to ignore that tiny voice that said it would be fun as I went through highschool graduation, choosing a degree in college, and colledge graduation. After college I became a mother for the first time and yet again the voice was ignored. Then, I met my friend Angela. She was working on her first novel and wanted me to read what she had. As I would talk with her about her book, that tiny voice began to grow again. If an average person like Angela could write a book, why not an average person like me?
   I love science fiction/fantasy and have always had vivid dreams and ideas for what would make a good story. So I started writing them down in secret. I was afraid to tell anyone what I was doing, too afraid they would laugh at me. My first story quickly began to take shape and it wasn't long before I began to type it out on my computer. I began to write my first book at the end of November 2010 and now have 11 chapters complete and a shaky synopsis. Along with my friend, Angela, I have joined a local writing group, attended a local conference, and will be attending William Bernhardt's writing workshop in a couple of weeks.
   Now I have written this all very nonchalantly, and if you believe that it has all gone as smoothly as I just made it sound, please hit yourself in the forehead for daring to think such a thing. Now wasn't that fun?! In fact, this journey has been so full of emotional ups and downs, nervousness, and stress that I am not really certain how I still have my sanity. I can be certain that I owe my family HUGE kudos for all of thier support. I would like to think that without them I wouldn't have scrapped the whole thing, but you know, I am really not sure!

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