Friday, September 9, 2011

A Slow Day

I spent five hours writing yesterday. A slow day in my book's progress. I have a whole 5 pages to show for my efforts.

*Please note sarcasm*

This is after deleting 5 pages of crap. I hate, hate, hate days like that. Most days I am fairly confident that I am a good writer, but then days like this trip me up. I knew what I was writing wasn't working, but I kept going for a lack of a better direction. The better direction hit me after I finished the scene. Of course.

I am working on the end of the book. It is harder than any other part of the book has been. I know where it needs to end...that last scene, but getting my characters to that point is hard. I have all these threads that need to be neatly tied up by the time I get there. That is what I am working on. Tying those small threads so that the book climaxes right.

My brain hurts.

So few pages left to type, yet I feel like I am... never. going. to. finish. Thank goodness for great friends who would be willing to kick my rear if I tried to stop. So I guess I'll quit complaining and procrastinating with you all.

It is time to write. Hopefully, I can produce more than 5 measly pages today.

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