Monday, October 17, 2011

Happy Dance!

***Jump - Twist - Fist Pump - Wiggle Wiggle - Twist - Stomp Stomp - Woop for Joy***

I hope you enjoyed my happy dance, because I just finished this draft of my manuscript. I am sure my fellow writers can imagine my joy at this moment. I feel a little light headed knowing that only a long list of revisions separate me from being publisher ready.

I think I'm going to hyperventilate! Where is that paper bag when you need it?

Though I still have work to do, I feel on top of the world knowing that it is all written. My brain is so excited that it is not capable of anything profound. I know my loyal fans are as excited as I am. So for now I sign off to go celebrate.

Revisions start tomorrow! Woot Woot!

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