Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nail Biting Wait

I have been writing, revising, and editing on my very first fantasy manuscript for exactly 11 months at the end of this week.

What a journey!

Though I am still editing, I have given it to a couple of trusted family members and friends to read for content. I look forward to hearing what they have to say. Are there any major flaws I have failed to catch myself? Do they like the overall story? Did they feel my protagonist/antagonist lacked interest? Is there clear development of the characters as the story progresses? Would they want to read the next book in the series?

What a nail biting wait!

I find myself oscillating between dread and anticipation. I have a long wait ahead of me. At 330 pages, even the fasted reader will need time. Patience has never been a virtue of mine. *sheepish grin*

My book is so close to being finished, dear followers. Thanks so much for staying with me through this long process. I look forward to beginning the process to get it published soon so that you all can finally read what I have written. So with a sick feeling in my stomach at that final thought, I bid you farewell until next time.


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