Monday, December 5, 2011

Motivations Killers

Staring at my computer, my eyes drift over my current work in progress. As I read through the scene I am working on, a blinking icon at the bottom of the screen distracts me. Someone has pinged me on facebook's instant message. I click on the icon. My facebook page pops up. I proceed to have a 30 minute conversation with a friend. The scene I was working on is totally forgotten.

A motivation killer has struck again. This time it is named Facebook.

My motivation killers have many names. Facebook, twitter, email, and my cell phone being a few of them, though they seem to be the worst. I sit down at my computer with good intentions. I get on the Internet with the intention of checking emails and other messages for a few minutes and before I know it I have been sucked into the black hole that these motivation killers create.

 Do you have issues with these same motivation killers? Will you take a stand against them with me? Let's pull our motivation up from around our ankles and hook it with a good pair of self-discipline suspenders. It is time to take a break from social networking, to set a timer on all those distractions that we let take us away from what we love doing best: writing. I am looking forward to resetting my priorities, and I am sure you are too. Good luck and happy writing!

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