Friday, December 9, 2011

Trusting Yourself

Like most new writers, I struggle with uncertainty and lack of self-confidence. I listen to what other people say instead of trusting myself. While it is ok to listen to what others with more experience have to say, a new writer can't be afraid to follow their own instincts.

One of the most important lessons I am learning these days is how to trust myself.

While some of the technical stuff needs other people's advice, my instincts for story are pretty good. Thank goodness my friend, Ang told me early on not to delete early copies of my writing. I have some good stuff that's pretty awesome once I correct all of the technical grammar stuff, or put it in a better location within the novel.

I admit to being amazed. Until it was pointed out to me, I had no idea that some of what others had told me was wrong for my novel. It may work well for theirs, but their advice left mine boring. So boring, that the last two months have been a struggle. Something about my novel left me dissatisfied. Gone was the feeling of elation and excitement I felt early on when I would think about working on my book. Rather, a sense of dread filled me when I would even look at opening the manuscript.

My excitement is back. I realize my error and am working to make my novel into what makes me excited. Sure much of the advice I have received is beyond valuable, but I now plan to listen to my instincts. If I am told something that doesn't feel right then I will simply thank them and do what I want.

So simple, really.

Trust yourself as a writer. You have an instinct for what you want your story to be. Listen to it, even if someone you feel has more experience, says otherwise. Those people aren't writing your book. They aren't all-knowing gods. They are human, and as such, are capable of being wrong.

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