Monday, October 29, 2012

Monstrous Monday Blogfest

Creepy crawly and all things shivery. Today you'll meet creatures that make you jittery!

Today is Monstrous Monday and I must give a huge shout out to the host of this fabulous blogfest, Tim Brannon. You can still signup by visiting his blog, here, and posting one of several fabulous buttons. The button below was my fave.

And now to introduce you to one of the monsters from my MS, I thought I'd post a bit of the scene that introduces her. The poor creature was made using the body of my MC's mother and another poor woman that had the misfortune of being a captive of a dark mage. I'm sure you can imagine poor Ruark's horror at seeing his beloved mother's face on such a ghastly creature.

Excerpt from The Severing by Sabrina A. Fish
Namur took the vial of blood and uncapped it. He tilted it over the woman’s slowing heart as he chanted softly to the dark flame.
            “Beating heart, powerful blood. Black flame might, head our call. With this we create, let nothing hide. Black power, white blood, Born of fire.”
            The queen’s blood hit the heart and black flames consumed the entire inside of the circle. Namur and Ril basked in the pain of the fire as they stepped back. Energy prickled painfully along Namur’s skin. Pressure built against his ears. Breathing became difficult. The roiling energies lifted the dead queen’s body into the air spinning it around faster and faster.
The winds buffeted them. Ril kneeled to the ground covering his head with his robe to protect himself. Namur braced himself against the wind, determined to not miss a single detail of this moment. A tearing sound and a piercing scream broke the sound of the wailing wind causing pain like a sharp knife. He rubbed at a trickling wetness and realized he bled from his ears, nose, and eyes.
As quickly as it began, the wind died. Silence reigned. Namur caught his breath. Where the two women and tables had been, sat a magnificent creature with the face and torso of the dead queen, and the body and wings of a wyrm. Her black hair floated around her head like a living curtain. Poison glistened from her teeth as she devoured the body of the other woman and from her spiny tail that swayed in contentment. Smoky gray scales glinted on the skin of her torso and hide. A forked tongue darted out as she ate.  He had done it. He had found his wyrm. Tears filled his eyes as the creature finished her meal with a last delicate lick of her lips, looked at him with chilling red eyes, and spoke into his mind.
            “I am the quingore, Lilra. What would you have of me, master?
There she is, the quingore, Lilra at the moment of her making. I hope you enjoyed this snipit into my current MS. Please let me know if you, too, are participating in Monstrous Monday.


Timothy Brannan said...

Fantastic! I Am so glad you gave us a monster from your MS. That was the sort of thing I was hoping to get on this bloghop.

Look forward to reading more.

Thanks so much for participating in my bloghop!

Jessica Acosta said...

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Sabrina A. Fish said...

Your link leads to an ad not to a blog. Spamming is NOT cool.

Dear bloggy friends, do NOT follow that link! ~Sabrina

Sabrina A. Fish said...

Yay! So glad you liked. Thanks for visiting!

baygirl32 said...

Love it! thanks for sharing

M Pax said...

I loved the tone and atmosphere in your piece. Awesome.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I have a feeling he's going to regret that...

Erin York said...

Wow! This is terrifying. I love your story so much. And I ADORE your monstrosity! Thank you for sharing, my lovely friend!

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

Like the name of that monster. I'm picking up all kinds of new scary things.

Samantha May said...

1. ^Go girl for calling out the spammers. :D

2. This. Is. Terrifying. O_O in a good way.

Thanks for introducing me to your monster! I'm going to go get some therapy. Should be in good shape by tomorrow :P

Morgan said...

Great tight writing, Sabrina! :-D