Why is it that as soon as you take on something as intensive as NaNoWriMo, everything else in your life explodes?

The orders coming in for the awards business I own were steady, but managable. My word count was over my goal for the first 3 days.

Then an explosion occurred. An explosion of orders.

November happens to be the end of fall cross country, fall soccer, and fast pitch softball seasons.

*typed as I stare crazy-eyed at the computer screen* 

Don't look too closely, you'll see the tired bags beginning to form, the fact that my eyebrows need tended too, and even a few lines that I swear showed up on my 30th birthday in September. *grin*

I've been so busy that it's Wednesday night and I am just getting to my Monday post. Yep, it's just one of those weeks. But you know what? I haven't missed one morning of getting up early to write. Sure, I don't always get as high in the word count as I would hope, but I am still up trying.

For that I MUST pat myself on the back!

Because I know that tomorrow morning I will get up again and try to make up some of my lost ground. But most importantly, I'll be writing.

Is your day job making you fall behind your NaNo goals? What are you doing to make up for it? Do you now star in your own blog images so as not to get caught in copyright infringement?

I'm Sabrina and I will be watching the final Twilight movie next weekend!


Jess said…
Haha! I totally know what you mean! The first quarter of school just ended for us, so we had to be all caught up with assignments or the bad stuff would show up on my report card.

OF COURSE, I contacted CreateSpace to self publish my book last week, (BEFORE I knew the end of the quarter was coming up) and I had to do a ton of stuff to get ready for publication.

Have fun watching Twilight! I couldn't really get into the books, but I saw the first movie and it was good :)
Morgan said…
I remember last year during NaNo it was *such* a struggle to get those daily word counts done! Ugh! It's hard! When it rains...

But amazing work, Sabrina... seriously. You're DOING it. As long as you're sitting down and pumping those words out, you're DOING it! So proud of you!
Jessica said…
You most definitely deserve a pat on the back! I am so there with you. Everything was going fine then three clients contacted me for last-minute jobs this week. Ugh. I don't want to complain about getting jobs but...can it wait until December? Ha. Hang in there - even a little a day is better than nothing!
Jeremy Bates said…
Well, as John Lennon once said, "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans."

Unfortunately, I will have to go see Twilight because of my fiance. It's become a boring love story now, unlike the first 2 episodes.
michelle said…
Good luck with NaNo!
It never rains but it pours... cliched, I know... but so very true.
Elise Fallson said…
I'm not doing NaNo right now but I can imagine what you're going through. Good luck and if you do it again next year then maybe I'll join you crazy lots! :P
Erin York said…
I've got a post about NaNo up on my blog, too. It says more or less what yours does, friend. :P But we'll get through this crazy month together!
Melanie Schulz said…
I love your pictures they make your blog very personable. And I will be joining you in the whole twilight movie thing. This is the first year I'm not doing NaNo, mainly because I already saw how hectic my November was going to be. Keep at it though!
Ashley Nixon said…
haha. I do star in my own blog posts because copyright infringement scares me! lol.
I am not doing Nano, but my job gets in the way of writing anyways. :/
Mark Koopmans said…

Wow, and I bow down to you. (Those bags are real, folks:)

Well done for keeping up with the NaNoooooo thingy and congrats about the new orders - long may they last :)

Sending pats on the back from Hawaii :)

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