Proud Veteran

Today is about appreciation. Appreciation for those men and women who sacrifice so much for freedoms so often taken for granted. Though many disagree with those in control, we all can appreciate those brave soldiers who sacrificed their time and in many cases their lives.

So this heartfelt thanks is from one veteran soldier to my fellow veterans and those still serving today.

Thank you!
(Me, 10 years ago, as a new U.S. Army basic training graduate. I looked so young.)


Sherry Ellis said…
Great post! Thanks for all you did!
Mark Koopmans said…
Hey Fish,

(Does anyone ever call you that anymore (or were you not a Fish in those days :)

PS... I was just about to comment on yout recent post - the next best thing blog 12.16.12 - and my comment was about that Chris guy... (really, does he have to have *so* much hair? Really?

Not jealous at all :)

Anyway, I know I'm two months late, but thanks for your service (we're a military family - my wife is Navy (Beat Army :)~

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