"One Hundred" Flash Fiction Contest

The fabulous Darci Cole is celebrating that she reached 100 followers by holding a little flash fiction contest for those of her followers who are writers. Since I love these sorts of things, I am excited to post my entry! Congrats, Darci!

Based on the photo below, you must write an excerpt. Here are the requirements...

1) Genre is your choice, must be between 300-500 words.
2) Must contain the number 100/one hundred.
3) Must be posted on a blog (borrow one if you don't have your own).
4) The direct link must be posted in the comments of THIS POST no later than 11:59pm on Friday February first (2-1-13), Mountain Time.

So here's my entry at 306 words...

by Sabrina A. Fish

A path stretched before her bare toes. An honor guard of one hundred majestic trees stood at attention to either side, their limbs creating a canopy over her head that welcomed her to take her first step down the path. A light mist hung among the branches giving the path a dream-like quality that put her at ease. A gentle breeze swirled through the mist, playing a soft tune among the branches and leaves.

At the end of the path, a warm glow beckoned her forward. Promising her relief, but relief from what? She searched her mind wondering how she came to this place. Was it a dream? She couldn't remember lying down to sleep. Her heart pounded in her chest as she realized she couldn't remember anything.

The trees loomed above her, their reaching branches no longer welcoming. The swirling mist surrounded her, threatening to suffocate her. The music became an eerie moan. She stepped back.The glow at the end of the path grew brighter, drawing her gaze, allowing her to breathe once again. She stepped toward it, a sudden urge to bask in its warmth pulling her feet forward.

Eyes glued to the light, she walked faster. She could taste the warmth like the slide of hot cocoa into her stomach on a cold night. She quickened her pace. The light grew brighter. It’s heat the caressing warmth of a crackling fire reaching for her from a cozy hearth. She started to jog. The shadow of a man, arms opened wide, appeared. He stood with his back to the light. Trees flew by as she started to run. The last of her anxiety and amnesia vanished as welcoming arms enveloped her. 

She remembered.

Her name was Terra and the pain she had known the last days of her life was gone. She was home.


The little piece of writing about the photograph was wonderful. The doubt, changing feelings and dream-like quality were all palpable. With my critique hat on, I must point out that you said, 'She walked faster' twice. Go, girl. You've got the head of a good writer.
Anonymous said…
This one's the shortest of the contest bunch, I think. It has me wondering: is it fantasy, is she "dead"? Good job, Sabrina.
Sabrina A. Fish said…
Thank's all. That picture made me imagine arriving in heaven.
Morgan said…
Beautiful descriptions, Sabrina! Really lovely. And that photo *is* inspiring...
It feels like poetry... so cool.
HeatherCRaglin said…
Mmm...cocoa on a cold night. Very nice.

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