Countdown to Conference Time, Cutest model, & Drowning!

This year I'm shepherding again for the annual OWFI Conference here in Oklahoma the 1st weekend in May. Which means, I get to be the personal assistant to some innocent, unsuspecting agent. Poor lady.

*evil grin*
(Yeah, yeah. It's closer to crazy than evil...This is what happens when you provide your own clipart!)

Kidding, of course, but I do love this conference. It's such a fun way to network with other writers, make important connections to agents and editors, and sharpen the tools of the trade. I love that my husband can join in at one of the 2 banquets as well as getting to sit on the edge of my seat for yet another nail biting reveal of the contest results.

I've entered 3 different categories this year, rather than just the 1 I entered last year.

*Crossing fingers*
(Isn't my Aidan the cutest model EVER?!)

 I hope I can get an award this year. But even if not, I'll value the feedback just as much.

How about you? Any conferences planned for this year? I'd like to go to one outside of Oklahoma for 2014...Dragon Con perhaps, or one of the ones in Utah or Cali. Maybe even one where I can meet some of my bloggy friends. That'd be super coolio!

Until then, this is just a little snapshot of what I'm up to these days. (Aside from writing, of course.) Anyone else drowning in medals, plaques, and trophy parts? No? Buy a trophy company and you'll discover that drowning in these types of things is one of the dangers of the profession. *grin*


Morgan said…
Ohhhhh... so exciting, Sabrina! I'm jealous--I LOVE conferences... have so much fun and I hope you get an award too! I'm doing the SCBWI conference in LA again this year and Storymakers here in UT in May. Fun, fun, fun. Nothing like a conference to recharge your writing energy!
Rebekah Loper said…
OWFI for me as well, of course! (But we already had THAT convo on Twitter, lol!)

There's a NEW convention starting up in St. Louis this August for Christian speculative fiction writers that I really want to go to, but not sure yet if I'm going to be able to swing it because...

I will definitely be going to the Ozark Creative Writers conference in October in Eureka Springs. That was the first conference I went to back in 2011, and I've been on the ball with conferences ever since!

I'm also trying to save up for a new computer in the midst of all this ... so yeah. Why do things require money? This is not cool.
I'm so glad you're shepherding. It takes so many wonderful volunteers to make the OWFI work. Make sure we meet each other while we're there.

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