Friday, September 6, 2013

7th Anniversary, Vegas, and an End to Writer's Block

Last weekend, I celebrated my 7th wedding anniversary by surprising my hard to surprise hub with a trip to Vegas. *pats self on back* I hate secrets and this one nearly killed me trying to keep it. But I did it! The hub, never to be outdone, had these waiting in our room upon arrival!

Love him!

We took in a few shows. The first of which I ran 2 miles across the strip in 2.5" platform shoes b/c I might have planned poorly. (My feet are still recovering).

It was worth it though to see, Chris Angel, the fuzzy one on the right. That dude has serious skills. You think the Anti-Christ would appear as a magician? *shrug* Probably not a big enough platform for dreams of world domination, but it was straight up eerie how good he was.

We also gambled, albeit responsibly. Meaning we took money we didn't mind losing and proceeded to lose some of it. I love the craps tables, while the hub is into blackjack. Both of us really enjoyed ourselves and pretty much broke even on the win/loss ratio.

The kiddo is into Plants vs. Zombies, so when I saw a slot machine in this theme, I had to stick in a dollar for him. I won $10. Always knew that kid was lucky!

I also was lucky enough to get a few hours at the spa. Heaven. (My feet from previous mentioned 2 mile sprint might have been celebrating) The rejuvenation must have been what I needed because my first day back to writing after that lovely 5 day vacation, saw me get over a major writer's block I'd been experiencing the week before. Woot! Give it up for vacations.

Anyone else celebrating an anniversary? Go anywhere interesting over the Labor Day weekend? Any other good methods for killing writer's block besides spending a ton on a vacation to sin city?


Suzanne Furness said...

Happy anniversary! We celebrated our 25th in vegas!

Kristine Omaan said...

Happy anniversary! Looks like you did have fun.

Melanie Schulz said...

How wonderful is that? I've only been to Vegas once, but let me tell you, it was memorable.