Sunday, December 1, 2013

NaNo is Over! Happy Dance!

NaNoWriMo is OVER!!! It's HAPPY DANCE TIME!!!!

I reached 15K words this year, which was more than I managed to get last year. I am very proud of this, but mostly I'm just glad it's over. The pressure that NaNoWriMo brings is so intense, it almost makes writing no fun for me. I'm not sure why I thought I should do it again.

I'm actually excited to write again tomorrow. No worries about what my word count is. Just writing for the pure fun of it.

I think my main problem was that I had a new world I wanted to build and I felt like I couldn't because I needed to write and get my word count in. Guess what I'm doing now that NaNo is over?!!

While we're on the subject of having fun, have you read Shine 1 or Shine 2  by William Bernhardt, yet? Shine 3 will be coming out this month, so you still have time to get caught up. Though they are generally $2.99, there will be a 5 day period when they'll be sold for $0.99 each. I'll be sure to let everyone know when! I've had so much fun working on my installment that I'm hoping will be published in 2014 sometime.

Did anyone else cry during the Dr. Who 50th Anniversary special?