Monday, December 16, 2013

'Tis the Season to Write

For many, the winter is about snowball fights, making snowmen, sledding, snow angels, hot cocoa, sleigh rides under warm blankets, and Christmas lights. Children's laughter can be heard up and down the streets of most neighborhoods. The words of holiday songs seem to come to life.

I hate the cold. I don't like playing in the snow. I don't like the biting wind. I force myself to smile through chattering teeth. I endure snow hitting my face and sliding into the neck of my coat. I chance frostbite in my fingers to make misshapen snowmen. I grit my teeth so the car windows can be down in below freezing temps in order to drive through the park's Christmas light exhibit. Did I mention that laying back into the snow's icy embrace to form a snow angel makes me jump for joy?

Yet, all of this I do for my precious child, who is worth every ice cold moment. 

Despite my dislike of cold temperatures, I love the winter. Specifically, snow days. For me, it's about hot tea, fuzzy slippers, and plenty of writing time INDOORS near the fire. I love snow days when the roads ice over, several feet of snow fall, and everyone is forced to stay at home because it's too dangerous to drive. It is during these times when I can disappear for hours into my current writing project and write to my hearts content. School is canceled, work is closed, and I am allowed to disappear into the fantasy world I've created while my sweet hub entertains the kiddo with LEGOs, video games, or a sword fight.

Unlike any other season, winter is a writer's season. It's THIS writer's season, anyway. The spring, summer, and fall are full of many outdoor activities, but it's in winter that, for me, the distractions are limited and I feel like I make the most progress on my writing projects. For this, I owe Jack Frost an apology and a big thank you.

Which season is your favorite? Do you feel like there is a certain time of year when you make the most progress on your projects? What do you loath that you force yourself to endure for the love of your children?

Happy Writing this Winter!

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Rebekah Loper said...

Winter is a fabulous writing season, but I like autumn the best. I'm a country girl at heart, and autumn usually has the perfect weather for packing the writing stuff up and moving into the backyard for a few hours.