Sunday, May 4, 2014

Adios A to Z, Hello Print Books and Conference Season

A to Z is over! *Cue the streamers and confetti* I'm so happy to announce that I made it through the whole month, picked up several really interesting new blogs to follow, and made some great new friends. I hope everyone enjoyed getting to know some of my favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy characters. My goal was to introduce you to at least one new story you'd never heard of and judging from your comments, I was successful.

This week, I experienced another happy dance worthy moment: I received my very first box of books in the mail. Not going to lie...I smelled, kissed, and waved them around like a lunatic. In case you aren't certain: Dreams do come true, folks. *shakes out shameless plug* If you haven't checked out Lost Haven yet? It's now available in print or e-book on Amazon. The audio version will be available later this month.


This last weekend I attended the annual OWFI Conference, a local writer's conference that I enjoy volunteering for each year. This year I volunteered to be on the costume committee. We had our first costume contest and it was such fun. I had just finished the paranormal romance, Nefertiti's Heart by A.W. Exley, when I first learned of the contest so I went with a steampunk themed costume. Anyone who knows me and my love of all things pearl, lace, and Victorian era, won't be surprised.

It was a huge success with the winners going home with a huge bag of goodies including 2 bottles of wine, Starbucks, free book cover, gift cards, and various writing supplies. I can't wait to do it again next year! Is it too soon to start planning my next costume? *grin*

And to top the whole weekend off, I won my first conference writing contest award!! Woot!

How was your A to Z? Have you read Lost Haven? Been to or plan to attend any good conferences this year? Have any ideas for an interesting costume for next year?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Wow, where to begin? Congratulations on winning the contest and getting copies of your book. It's really incredible to hold your book in your hands, isn't it? Steampunk was a great costume idea. You look good in that outfit.
And glad you completed the Challenge!

Rebekah Loper said...

HURRAH, we both survived A-Z! That is an accomplishment.

I bet it's awesome holding a copy of your book with your own hands!

Your costume looks fabulous, and I'll be honest, missing OWFI this year was doubly-hard because I had to miss out on the costumes. I really really really hope they do it again next year. And that I can be there next year. Going to start saving now for it. Somehow.

And CONGRATULATIONS on your honorable mention. An honorable mention was my first placing in a conference writing contest, too, a few years back (just at the Ozark Creative Writers conference instead of OWFI). Every little thing counts!