Monday, May 26, 2014

My 7 year old sounds like a teen...and it's my fault! Plus, Fallen Soldier Memorial Statue

I'm a light gamer. I say 'light' because I don't play all the time, I don't care about building a community of gamer friends, and I'm not obsessive about gaming. Most gamers probably wouldn't even consider me to be one of them. I use gaming as a place to go when I need an escape when I'm between good book series. I play Guild Wars 2 on the computer occasionally, I like Minecraft, and I love pulling out the old Playstation 2 to play Dark Cloud 2. I like playing PvZ: Garden Warfare on Xbox with my kiddo and Candy Crush and Doombad on my iPhone.

Like I said, 'light' gamer is definitely a good description for me.

My 7 year old, however, is well on his way to being a serious gamer. He already knows more than I do. Lately, his favorite thing is to watch videos on YouTube by his favorite little teenage gamers. He thinks these teenagers and their melodramatic antics as one of their characters is destroyed and must be respawned, is hilarious. It gets so bad that he'll end up bouncing up and down in excitement as the teenager yells out while his character is annihilated. It's quite the racket.

Still it's harmless, right?! I mean they are appealing to my son's maturity level without crossing any lines I don't like.

The other day, the hub was giving my son a lecture after the kiddo left half his lunch on his plate. You know the one: There are children all over the world who are starving and would love to have even a quarter of the food you get every meal.
The kiddo
The kiddo took this with a straight face. When his dad finally finished (the hub really likes to lecture :P hehehehe) the kiddo looked his dad in the eye, pushed his plate across the table, and said, "Then you take it to them."

I'm not going to lie, the hub and I sat their, slack jawed, amazed that this teenage comment came out of our 7 year old's mouth. The kiddo lifted his eyebrow and continued. "What? You didn't think I was that quick, cupcake?" This comment came complete with tick of his head from side to side on each syllable of cupcake.

I'm pretty sure I almost pee'd myself. Later that day, in the privacy of our room, the hub and I relived the moment and rolled with laughter. The lesson I've learned from this? There are consequences for any and all actions...even allowing your child to watch 'harmless' YouTube videos.

Are you a gamer? 'Light' like me? Serious? Has some decision you made had as dire consequences as my decision about YouTube.

Fallen Soldier Memorial Statue Donation

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Aldrea Alien said...

Your son sounds like my daughter. Sometimes, with the way she talks, I forget she's eight. But she's barred from YouTube. Actually, from the internet altogether beyond her school work.
That she lives with four adults might have something to do with her attitude.

I think I might be a medium gamer. Like you, I don't get into the whole game community, but I'm dead serious about the games I choose, playing them for every little trophy you can get, only then do I declare a game as 'played'.

Melanie Schulz said...

I don't game at all. Not that I don't think I'd love it; it's that I know I would. I lost an entire two weeks of my life on Zelda when I was thirteen, and knew I had to cut myself off.

Loni Townsend said...

My husband and I were WoW addicts for about 5 years. Our offline friends played too, and we were all in the same guild. We considered it a waste of time, but it was cheap entertainment. Then we got in a fight about him not attending one of the raids I was organizing. We quit the next month and never looked back.

He's still a heavy gamer, but I haven't touched any games since. Instead, I juggle children and writing.

I'm sure my daughter will pick up an attitude. She's only 3 and is already showing signs.