Monday, July 21, 2014

Buyer Beware

Over the last month, I've been experiencing a building allergic reaction. Like a potion or spell gone wrong(or is that right?), a small patch of itchy and very tiny little blisters will pop up, drive me crazy, then disappear a few hours later. I ignored it at first, determined to see it as nothing other than a freak rash. I really should know better. I need the antidote or counterspell, if you will.

You see, I'm allergic to formaldehyde.  Yeah, you read it correctly. This nasty substance, which puts any self respecting, evil witch's brew to shame and gives embalming fluid and fingernail polish it's nasty odor, builds up in my body over time until it's gained enough momentum to break my entire body out in a rash of tiny blisters that itch to no end. Weird, I know.

I've only broken out a total of 4 times over the whole of my 31 years. The 1st time was due to an everyday use of fingernail polish when I was a teen. I stopped coloring my nails and the outbreak went away. Over the years, I'll occasionally get a mani/pedi, but I'll be sure to give it at least six months between each time to keep an outbreak from occurring. I thought I was golden. (Apparently, that evil enchantress throwing hexes my way is much more determined than I thought.)

Willful ignorance (and not having a healthy respect for your local potions master) is not a good idea, folks.

The outbreaks are getting closer together, despite the fact that I hardly ever wear fingernail polish, the last two outbreaks occurring within the last 5 years. What has changed? I could no longer ignore the situation, nor give fingernail polish sole responsibility for my dilemma.

Did you know that formaldehyde is in, what seems like, EVERYTHING? Even though I'm allergic to it, I had no idea. I check labels and when I don't see the actual name 'fermaldahyde', I think I'm good. WRONG!

Sneaky sorceress, er, I mean, manufacturers use all kinds of synonyms and chemicals that 'act like' formaldehyde. Thanks to for this list of ingredients to look for and avoid:

*Formalin   *Methanal   *Oxymethyline   *Urea   *1,3-Dioxetane   *Quaternium 15   *Methylaldehyde
*Methylene Oxide   *Formic Aldehyde   *Oxomethane Formalin   *Phenol Formaldehyde

Now I'm off to check the products I'm currently using for the cult culprit responsible for this itchy reaction. And hopefully, I can prevent any future discomfort. *sigh*

Source: The Hidden Formaldehyde

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Anyone else ticked off an enchantress lately, as I apparently have? *grin* No? Do you have a weird allergy? Is your reaction instant or does it take time to build up, like mine? Do you like YA Fantasy with female protagonists? Have you read Lost Haven?