Funny Friday ~ A's Euphemisms

Welcome, friends, to my Funny Friday post. I have a somewhat quirky sense of humor, so I hope I can at least elicit a smile to start your weekend off right, each week.

This week's FF post comes courtesy of my 9 year old son, whom I'll refer to as 'A' or 'the kiddo'.

Now any parent knows that kids will do anything and everything to get around the rules, especially when it comes to improper use of language. My husband and I love the use of the occasional swear word, so my son is familiar with them. In an effort to NOT be a hypocrite, the rule in our house is:

No adult words until you're an adult (age 18 in the U.S.).

My son is pretty good at following the rules, especially when he considers them logical like this one. He's also pretty good at finding ways around them. So good, in fact, that I've taken to calling his ways around cursing without cursing, A's Euphemisms.

Let's put it in context. My hub of nearly 10 years, loves to pick on our son in any way imaginable. He'll stick a leg out and trip A when he walks too close by the couch where the hub is sitting. He'll grab one of last year's Halloween masks and jump out at a half asleep A while the kid is taking a shower. He'll sing extremely off key to one of A's fave songs while making up the world's worst rhyming lyrics while A is trying to sing along with the actual song.

That's just their relationship. The kiddo would always come find me and complain with that very familiar wail: "Mooooommmm, make dad stop (insert whatever dad has done this time)."

And my response has always been: "He only does it because he knows it bothers you. Ignore him and he'll stop."

After year's of this same complaint and response, the kiddo has found a response that makes him feel vindicated without breaking my rules. When his dad does anything he finds offensive in any way, his repsonse is: "Get wrecked, son."

And every single time, I can't help but think what he actually means and crack a smile. I'm so glad I get to experience being a mom.

One of my personal favorite euphemisms is that southern classic, "Bless your heart", which can mean so very many things. What smile worthy euphemisms have you heard recently? What is one of your favorite classic euphemisms?

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