Funny Friday!

Today's Funny Friday blog post comes thanks to my kiddo and his love of story time. At 9 years old, my beautiful boy doesn't care that he can now read pretty much anything himself now. He still loves to curl up next to mommy and hear me read stories out loud. He says I make them 'special'. *cue melting heart*
Our current story time project is Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials Trilogy. We're only a few chapters into book 1: The Golden Compass and the boy is hooked. He loves, loves, loves the banter between Lyra and her daemon, Pantalaimon. One particular comment by Pan made him giggle particularly loud, which in turn made me laugh. So today's Funny Friday is a piece of a conversation between Pan and Lyra.
"...And I think it's none of our business. And I think it would be the silliest thing you've ever done in a lifetime of silly things to interfere. It's nothing to do with us."
"Don't be stupid," Lyra said. "I can't sit in here and watch them give him poison!"
"Come somewhere else, then."
"You're a coward, Pan."
"Certainly I am..."

Reading to my child is one of my very most favorite things about being a mom. I'm always looking for new stories to introduce him to and would love your recommendations. What are/were your favorite stories to share with your child/children?

~Sabrina A. Fish is the author of YA Fantasy novellas Lost HavenRoad to Nowhere, and The Gilded Cage. You can follow here or go to her website to learn more about her books.


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