Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Stubbornness Has Always Been The Source Of My Biggest Roadblocks In Life.

Feeling good after today. I made great progress on my book. Progress sure helps lift spirits when the metaphysical mud has been sucking at your feet. Writing happens in surges for me. I have periods of rapid progress followed by days of slow to no progress.

Today marked that switch. I finished a couple chapters after struggling on one for the last week. The slow periods usually happen when something needs to be removed and I am resistant.

My stubbornness has always been the source of my biggest roadblocks in life.

I always have to learn things the hard way because I think I know everything until I figure out I don't. As a child, my mom told me I would regret wanting to grow up so quickly. I just knew she was wrong, until I turned 18, moved out, and had to start paying my own bills. My dad told me I should wait to get married back in 2002, I said he was wrong. I discovered my error when I joined the divorce statistic in 2005. My mom told me my mind would change when I said I never wanted children, I said she was wrong. In 2007, God blessed my husband and I with the most beautiful baby boy. I love being a mom.

So it is with writing. My muse tells me that something isn't working for my story. I insist I can make it work. I spend days beating my head against that metaphysical brick wall, until finally I concede. As soon as I remove the offending scene, my muse and I move into perfect accord and the magic happens.

A new scene is born.

Suddenly, I am looking up at the clock. Five hours have passed. I have 20 or more pages to show for my efforts. So I get up and do a happy dance. What a fabulous day!

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