Friday, August 12, 2011

Writing Buddies

Writing Buddies.

You know who they are if you are also a writer.

Those priceless people who are not just friends or family that support your dream. They are people who have the dream to be a writer like you. They understand when you send them something to read, you are really sending them something to critique. They understand that you are waiting on pins and needles to hear what they have to say, so they do not put off reading it for weeks. They understand when you hit a metaphysical wall and freak out. They also help you pull the wall apart brick by brick.

I have two of the greatest writing buddies in existence. At least that is my opinion. If they were your writing buddies, I know you would agree with me.

 Angela and Erin are two great writers who have the same dream that I do. We support each other through the hard stuff that our non-writer friends just do not understand. We support each other when one of us feels the need to go on about our book because something just is not quite right. We support each others need to talk about our writing ups and downs no matter how many times we already have before.

Here are my two writing buddies blogs. They have fantastic works in progress. I know becasue I have read them. I took the liberty of putting my favorite pictures of them with the blog address so you could see the faces of two future published authors. Aren't they beautiful?! Believe me when I say that this beauty is inside and out! I can never thank them enough for the invaluable feedback and support they give me on a daily basis.

Angela Christina Archer


                        Erin York

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