Thursday, November 3, 2011

I Hate The Word 'Is'

Today, I hate the word 'is' with a passion that I cannot begin to describe in words. I am currently combing my MS for weak words. By weak words, I mean those words that are overused or shouldn't be used at all. I had 583 'is' words in my MS. I now have 403.

Have I said that I hate that word?

Admittedly, the sentences I have taken them out of are 1000 times better. And that I do like, but the fact remains that I do not like editing. I'll do it anyway, because I like the end result.

Editing is tedious. I must admit that I really dislike this part of the writing process, but I keep telling myself that it will all be worth it when I can submit to agents a MS that I can be proud of. I have to tell myself this a million times a day as I comb through for the 60 weak words on the list my friend, Ang, made for me. Though I love her dearly, right now I don't think I like her or her list very much.

*Kidding of course, darling Ang.*

I hope I don't dream about that word attacking me in my sleep or something equally horrible. As vivid as my dreams tend to be, it wouldn't surprise me if an army of giant 'IS' words charged at me on horseback with swords raised. *laughs*

I currently have a couple of people reading my still imperfect MS and their feedback so far is awesome. My friend, Melanie, has a gift for helping me make a scene pop. She always pushes me to take a scene from pretty good to excellent. I am so thankful for friends like her.

Thanks so much to all those fabulous friends who listen when I need help getting unstuck or making a scene better. If you are writing, I hope you have a good group of friends as well. Oh, and watch out for those darn weak words. If you'd like my list, give me a shout and send me your email. Misery loves company, right!?!

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