Happy Dance!

As some of you may know, my husband and I recently purchased a trophy and award company that we are running out of our home. My husband is continuing to work his regular job as a project manager out of our home as he as done that past 3 years. Which means that I have been responsible for a busy load with the company while he sees to that. Today begins week 4, and I finally feel like I am beginning to get into a rhythm.

I even managed to work on my WIP last week!

Seriously! Unbeknownst to us, we purchased the company a week before the 2nd most busy time of the year for our company. So not only have I been trying to learn how to do everything, but I have also been trying to crank out the load of orders that have come in. It was overwhelming the first week. My WIP was spared barely a thought. The second week I thought about it with nostalgia. This coming week, I might get to spend a couple hours on it each day if I manage my time well.

My non-writer friends don't understand how incredibly happy this makes me, so I thought I'd share it with you, bloggy friends and fellow writers. So picture for a minute my joy as I do a happy dance complete with a couple pirouettes, a fist pump(or two), and a tush wiggle. *grin*

The company that I hated the first week, doesn't seem so bad now that I get time once again for my beloved writing.

Do you have obligations and responsibilities that take away from your writing? Do you find yourself resenting them like I first did this new company of ours? How have you managed your time so that it all works?


J. A. Bennett said…
A month ago I went into early labor (10 weeks early) and I've been on partial bed rest since. Let's just say that writing is almost becoming a distant memory. But there have been a few day where I've gotten the chance to sneak in 300 or so words and it feels so good every time I do. Once this baby is born I don't see much writing happening either, but I know-like you-that I will find balance because it's important to me :)
David P. King said…
Too many things to name take my time away from writing, but somehow I find the time to do a little each day. Glad to hear your business is well. :)
Morgan said…
Ohhhhh... if this isn't the truth...

It's such a hard thing finding that balance, and I think I will always be fighting for it... My motto is as long as I progress in the right direction each day, I've done my job--even if all I've done is thought about a particular scene, or thought about my characters... even the smallest step is a step! LOL. Great post. :D

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