2013 Goals

2013 is here and once again I've made my list of goals. But before I get into those, I'd like to reflect on last year's goals and which I accomplished and which I didn't. They were pretty simple last year.

2012 Goals
1)Have a successful year as 2012 President of Oklahoma City Writers, Inc.
2)Keep my writing a priority and rather than letting a sense of obligation for everyone else in my life shove it to the back burner.
3)Finish WIP #1
4)Pitch WIP #1 to editor at OWFI Conference in May

It was difficult at times, but I managed to meet all but 1 of these goals. #3, finish WIP #1 was a rather rediculous goal to make I now realize. Is any MS really finished? Do you ever stop going over it for something else that could be better? No? Me either. That MS is going to be worked on until the day an editor says, "Enough!" and sends it to be printed.

 For 2013, I have decided to set my goals a little higher. I want this year to be amazing and to do that I have to up the stakes.

2013 Goals
1)Submit 2 entries for the OWFI contest.
2)Submit my 1st completed MS to the long list of agents I have put together and be accepted my one of them.
3)Finish WIP #2 and at least a first draft of WIP #3
4)Successfully juggle all of that while helping grow our trophy and awards company so that in 2014 we can move it from our home office to an actual store front.

The list is much loftier than the one for 2012, but I work better when I have difficult goals to accomplish. They are lights stationed at points along this long dark tunnel called getting published and I hope that I reach each and every one of them.

How about you? Any lofty ambitions for this new year? Anyone else sad to see the Christmas break coming to an end? Good luck on reaching your goals!


ELAdams said…
I'm the same - I always set ridiculously high goals! Here's my list. :) http://throughthegateway.blogspot.co.uk/
I hope you make all of those!
I set goals I can hit, but maybe too easily. Need to work on that.
Susan Francino said…
That is a good point about manuscripts never really being "finished," and an important thing to remember. Best of luck in 2013!
alexia said…
Great goals! I work better under pressure, too. Good job raising that bar!
michelle said…
I intend to play it safe with my goals... go for bite-sized, manageable chunks...
I admire your lofty goals! Go for it - seems like you have it all figured out!
Elise Fallson said…
Good luck with all your goals Sabrina. You're a determined person and I'm sure you'll rock 2013! :D

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