Sunday, May 26, 2013

Save-A-Word Saturday Blog Hop

Today I'm participating in Save A Word Saturday, hosted by The Feather and The Rose. You can read all about it here.

This week's theme is: Roses

A word that is never used, but that I read in a book a long time ago and loved is:

Gambol, v.
to skip or leap about joyfully

My sentence is:

Jan watched me gambol in the garden with a laugh after my roses bloomed for the first time. 

My modern version of this is the 'happy dance'. I'm known for my happy dances which I perform for any success or victory, so it's really no surprise that this would be one of my favorite old and rarely used words.

Do you have a favorite old word that is rarely used and you don't want forgotten? Join this blog hop and share with the world your fabulous word. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Trophies, Conferences, and Contests...Business as usual!

One year ago, I was high on motivation after a successful writer's conference as my fingers flew over the keys on my MS. My days consisted of writing, playdates, grocery runs, and chores. That has all changed!

My life in a single snapshot!

Today, my life is much different. I haven't worked on my MS in 2 weeks and this posts ends a 2-week hiatus from my blog. (I hope you've missed me!) Gone are the days of doing what I want, when I want. I own a trophy company now, though I did manage to make it to my local writing conference this year. And while I am definitely motivated in my writing, it's going to have to wait. You see, for all of you without children and so unfamiliar with the end of school awards season, I am neck deep in alligators.

Despite the fun I had at the conference and the ideas for improving my MS running through my head, I have to shelf that for the next week and a half and concentrate on meeting deadlines. :-( I pray that these next couple of weeks fly by. I'm pretty sure I'm more ready for school to be out for the summer than my 6 year old is. I'll never take my writing time for granted again!!! I plan to make up for the lack of writing in the months of April and May this summer with a new novella project that I'm really excited to work on. I hope to share news about it this fall!

Before I go back to work on the next order due, I want to share the good news I received!!!!

Earlier this spring I entered the Vine Leaves Literary Journal's vignette contest(though submissions are being accepted through May 31st). This is my first ever attempt at writing something other than genre fiction. Last week, I received an email saying I had been picked as one of 17 favorites from which 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be chosen. *fist pump* The grand prize is a free pass to the Homeric Writer's Retreat in Greece this August. You can see why I took a chance and submitted my very first literary piece. I think I've read the email informing me about my place in the top 17 about a dozen and one times. *sheepish grin* Wish me luck!

Anyone else feel like a raw steak hanging over a pit of hungry alligators? I'm looking for a couple of good writers blog challenges for this summer, has anyone heard of any I should know about?