A is for Athena

This month is the A to Z Blog Challenge and I've chosen to cover the topic of deities. I'll post a deity from religions across the world, past and present. Many of these inspire the gods within the books I write. I find the topic fascinating and hope you enjoy each post this month.

A is for Athena 

Greek Goddess of Widsom, Warcraft, and Arts & Crafts

Daughter of Zeus

Patron of Athens.

Who better than one of the most iconic of all the Greek goddesses to start off our month of deities?! Athena is a model representation of the Greeks' gifts to Western Culture. She was one of the most important gods to the ancient Greeks.

Funny 'A' Fact

The very first brand spankin' new car I ever got to buy was a G37 Infiniti Sport in Athens blue that I named Athena. She was a beauty and no wonder considering her namesake.
Yes, I name my cars. Doesn't everyone? So far I've had a Zoe, Athena, Tom, and Giselle. :) What?! I AM a Fantasy author!

~Sabrina A. Fish is the author of YA Fantasy novellas Lost HavenRoad to Nowhere, and The Gilded Cage. You can follow here or go to her website to learn more about her books.


Melanie Schulz said…
Very good choice to begin with.
Tom and Giselle - the Bradys?
One of the characters in my series has a shortened variation of that name - Athee. (Same pronunciation, just leave off the 'na.')
Sabrina A. Fish said…
Hahahaha, not intentionally. The hubs bought Tom the truck back in 2005 before we started dating. Giselle the BMW, we bought in 2011 and I thought it was a pretty German name that fit her.

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