C is for Cybele

This month is the A to Z Blog Challenge and I've chosen to cover the topic of deities. I'll post a deity from religions across the world, past and present. Many of these inspire the gods within the books I write. I find the topic fascinating and hope you enjoy each post this month.

C is for Cybele

Anatolian Mother Goddess

She is Phrygia's only known goddess and was probably it's state deity. Her Phrygian cult was adopted by Greek colonists of Asia Minor and brought to the mainland Greece.

Funny 'C' Fact

I call my cat, Midnight, a dog-cat. He loves to play fetch, begs for food, and to be around his humans ALL the time. We love him so much. His unique personality fits right into our family. He's so big that when he and my 9 year old son lie next to each other, they're almost the same length.

Join me the entire month of April as I ride the crazy train that is the A to Z Blog Challenge.

~Sabrina A. Fish is the author of YA Fantasy novellas Lost HavenRoad to Nowhere, and The Gilded Cage. You can follow here or go to her website to learn more about her books.


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