Friday, April 6, 2012


Today's A to Z Challenge letter is ~F~ and so I am introducing you to another secondary character in my WIP, Finn. Poor Finn loved Ailith, despite knowing that she was meant for another. In the end, Ailith loved him back, but by then it was too late. Here is a peek into Finn's story.


You crossed my path by chance
As you thrust pretend sword into pretend foe.
Soon becoming best friend and confidant
With whom I played and joked.

From child to adult you grew beside me
While moving from place to place
You learned from our guardians
Knowledge and skills you used to keep me safe.

From dreams of adventures to dreams of love,
You found yourself in a quagmire
As I continued along oblivious
To your developing desire.

Too late did I realize
The gift you would have given.
For when I realized I loved you, too 
Your death was already written.


Johanna Garth said...

Oh, that's a little sad! But I liked it!!

Cortney Pearson said...

Ooohh, I got chills, how sad! And beautifully written, nice work!!

Nicole said...

What a beautiful snapshot of their tragic almost-love story. Nicely done!