Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Today's A to Z Challenge letter is ~O~ and I find it timely and appropriate for what I have struggled with the last couple of days in my life. My MC, Ruark also struggles with OBLIGATION in my WIP. Unlike myself however, his struggle with obligation could mean the end of Azerea.
Do you find yourself at odds with the sense of obligation you feel toward your family or friends? Especially when you feel used/taken advantage of? Yes or no, I hope you'll enjoy this poem about Ruark's struggle with obligation.

Obligation's Burden

Duty, honor, and respect demand
I honor your command.
Accept my destiny, find my queen,
Free the light god, disrupt Namurs dark scheme.
Find faith where none exists for a god
I've never seen. No light shines where I trod
In this dark and dying world.
Hope is a flag that yet remains unfurled.
This burden you insist I carry,
Upon my conscience weighs heavy.
I fear failure and disappointment
As I struggle to accept entrustment.
For you I'll fulfill this promise.
I won't dishonor your sacrifice.


Morgan said...

You're such a talent, Sabrina. As always, magic. You create magic with your words ;)

Sabrina A. Fish said...

From your mouth to a publisher's ear! Or should I say, from your keyboard to a publisher's eye? LOL. Thanks so much for being such a great cheerleader. I am so happy you like my stuff!