Blog Challenges, Bloghops, & Blogfests

This list is for new bloggers who might not know what to do to help meet other writers in the blogosphere, who might not know what to do to get their blog kicked off with a bang, or who don't know what to blog about.

I was just like you once.

Then I discovered challenges likes these that helped me make some amazing bloggy friends and helped me figure out why a blog was so important as well as what to blog about. I hope these links will help you in the same way. If you are willing to put in a little time and effort to participate in one of these challenges that usually occur repeatedly each year, you won't regret it. I'll add to the list as I find new ones I want to participate in.

Rachael Harrie's 4th Campaign Building Blog Challenge
      my entry for Challenge #1:
      my entry for Challenge #2(I won 14th!!):
UPDATE: Campaign 5 will start September 2013. Go here for details!

A through Z Challenge
    I wrote a poem for each letter based on my 1st novel. If you'd like to see any of them, look at my posts from April of 2012.

"WHAT IF?" Fairy Tale Madness Blogfest
     my entry:

    If I share my entry, it won't be anonymous. I'll share after the challenge is over.

Alex J. Cavanaugh's Genre Favorites Blogfest
     See my September 17th, 2012 post to see my answers.

Monstrous Monday Blogfest-Oct 29th
     See my October 29th, 2012 post to meet one of the unique monsters in my recently finished MS.

Oh, How I Miss You Blogfest
     See my November 16th, 2012 post to see which of my bloggy friends I miss seeing as much and which I would miss if they stopped blogging. This one is about giving a shout out to those bloggy friends who keep us coming back and motivated to keep posting.

Cheers, Cavanaugh Blogfest
     See my December 9th, 2012 post to see who I thought most personified Alex J. Cavanaugh in this blogfest to celebrate what an asset he is to the bloggy community.

Blog hops & Challenges I HAVE NOT participated in(but hope to next time):

GUTGAA-Gearing Up to Get an Agent note: this is for the 2012 hop, but you should be able to find info on her site for the next one.

Hookers & Hangers Blog Fest

Origins Blogfest

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