Sunday, July 3, 2011

Writing Despite Distractions

On the last day of the workshop I recently attended, Bill Bernhardt gave each of us the official "Writer's Contract" to sign. As he is also an attorney, signing the contract makes it morally binding.

As soon as I purchase a document frame for it, I am planning to hang it on my office wall as the quintessential reminder. I think that holiday weekends like this one are definitley going to be the real test. The fact that I am managing to stick to it, is telling.

Yesterday, despite family 4th of July plans, I got myself up in the morning and dedicated 3 hours to writing. I am so proud of myself. It would be so easy to say, "Well Sabrina, you said you would write at least 30 hours a week, so theoretically you don't have to write today as long as you write tomorrow." But I haven't had any problems with motivation.

Though it is a ton of work, I genuinely enjoy writing. I have found that if my mind is not actively engaged in another thought or action, then it defaults back to thinking about some aspect of my book.

Do you have a dream you are chasing but are having a hard time committing to? Well, how about drawing up a contract for yourself and having your spouse, partner, or someone else you trust witness for you? My husband is my witness and he has been fabulous in supporting me, motivating me, and generally checking in on occasion to see what progress I have made. I hope you have someone in your life like that. Remember to frame that contract and hang it on the wall. Seeing a reminder like that everyday will do wonders for helping you not 'forget'!!!

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