~L~ is for Liath

My Theme for the 2014 A to Z Challenge is: SciFi/Fantasy Characters in Novels

I'll introduce you to a new scifi/fantasy character from the plethora of novels I've read over my lifetime. My goal is to entice those who maybe haven't read much in the genre I write and share why I find these characters so interesting. I hope you'll enjoy taking the ride with me.

~L~ is for Liath from Kate Elliott's Crown of Stars Series

Crown of Stars is set in Novaria, a continent heavily inspired by medieval Europe. Over the course of the novels it is revealed that 2,700 years prior to the present a war erupted between humanity and a race of elf-like beings called the Ashioi. Human sorcerers were able to banish the Ashioi homeland to another plane of existence, but in doing so unleashed a vast cataclysm upon the world that devastated much of humankind. Humanity recovered, initially under the rule of the mighty Dariyan Empire, and later under its successor states, guided by the wisdom of the Daisanite Church (which is heavily influenced by Christianity). The story opens with the kingdoms of Wender and Varre, unified under the rule of King Henry, threatened by both external and internal threats. Sabella, Henry's elder half-sister, is fomenting rebellion against his rule in Varre, whilst the inhuman Eika have invaded from the north, raiding the north coast and threatening the city of Gent. In King Henry's court there is intrigue brewing as Henry has not chosen an heir from his three legitimate children, and it is well known that he favours his bastard son Sanglant, who by the law cannot inherit the throne. The series follows the fortunes of two young people, Alain and Liath, as they are drawn into this web of intrigue, eventually learning that the banished Ashioi homeland is being drawn back to Earth, but its return will spark a cataclysm as great as the one that accompanied its departure.

I read Kate Elliott's Crown of Stars epic series when I was in high school and loved it. I've always felt that it was seriously underrated. The world is very detailed and the characters have to struggle with situations that do not always have a happy resolution.

Liath is one of 2 main POVs that begin the first book of the series. Many people find her hard to relate to. I'm highlighting her because she seemed 'real' to me. If I were to put myself in her situation, experience what she does while knowing and in most cases not knowing what she does, I think I'd also be an uncomfortable person to know. She's just one big identity crisis. No sooner does she discover something about her past, she then discovers it's a lie, or a half-truth at best. She's smart, beautiful, and has powers she doesn't know how to control. Then on top of that she's enslaved and raped. I find her withdrawn character and inability to settle for a normal family  life very believable even as I was frustrated with her for continuing to make the decisions that are believable for her character and experiences.

~Time to Celebrate!~

This weekend, my friends, family, and I celebrated that I'm a published author. Every writer that remembers that first published book will understand my excitement. So happy those closest to me could join me to celebrate!

Shine 7: Lost Haven by Sabrina A. Fish is available on Amazon as an e-book. This is my very first published work, so please so some love and check it out! If you like it, please check out the rest of the series written by other contributing authors.

In the near future, a few young women manifest extraordinary abilities called "Shine." Each girl's ability is different. Some develop extraordinary mental abilities. Some become physically strong. Others have powers that defy description. But the world does not embrace these Shines. It fears them.

Camille’s life hasn’t been the same since her parent’s supposed murder suicide. When an intruder ransacks her home and she discovers a mysterious thumb drive hidden in her father’s office, she realizes the unwanted changes in her life are just beginning. Politics and conspiracy, betrayal and abduction. Camille is about to discover that change is inevitable and hiding is not an option.


Loni Townsend said…
Grats! It's good to see you celebrating!

I haven't read any of Kate Elliott's work, but I think I'll check it out. :)
TaMara Sloan said…
Congrats on becoming a published author! That's a great accomplishment.

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Alex Hurst said…
Congrats on your first publication! I love the light "shine" on your ereader. Makes the picture even more cool. :)

Alex Hurst, fantasy author in Japan, participating in Blogging A-Z April Challenge.

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